PigKing – Game of Thrones

PigKing – Game of Thrones

PigKing – Game of Thrones Tyrion comes to her sister with one proposal: Cersei will rule the 7 kindoms in exchange of her body to her little brother Tyrion. (and this includes anal sex, handjob, blowjob and more hot stuff). Read more info about the story down below!

GonzoStudios – Them Episode 1-6 Complet!

GonzoStudios – Them

GonzoStudios – Them Episode 1-6 Complet! So here you have all 6 Episodes from the series Them – you’re welcome 😉 There are 340 pages + 3 PDFs documents so all you need is time to catch up with this awesome story from circus. If you like lesbians, freaks from circus and threesome, scroll below to find more!

PacificDreamer – Jason and his aunt

PacificDreamer - Jason and his aunt

PacificDreamer – Jason and his aunt Aunt Susan has a little test for Jason, before she brings him to play in the basement. But there are also Jason’s cousins who wants to go play with them. See more info down below from this incest story!

Dubh3d – Red: Car trouble (60 pages)

Red - Car Trouble

DUBH3D – Red: Car trouble (1st and 2nd Chapter) With no car assurance, Red wants to repair her boyfriend’s car in a repair car shop. She meets there Bubba, who is eager to help her repair it. The redhead is now introduced to his adventurous world of desire, latex and blonde wigs.

Y3DF – Sabotage (all parts – 374 pages)

Y3DF – Sabotage: Tania has turned back home for the summer holiday, but just to face her mom and dad’s problem related sex. She is ready to help her dad showing him some tricks she learned from her past experience. Sexy and incitant, this series of 4 long chapters will stir you up the imagination.

Y3DF – Abandonment issues 3 (82 pages)

Abandonment Issues 3

Y3DF – Abandonment issues 3: Billy has already a complicated relationship with his mom, but it will be nothing compared to when Aunt Jessica finds out what exactly happens in the house. She doesen’t seem surprised of it, however, to keep her mouth shout aunt Jessica has just a little favour to ask Billy. For more, dive in the story down below!

Moiarte – The confession (20 pages)

Moiarte – The confession Emily is obliged to start 4 years ago an affair with her husbad’s old black boss. Nothing changes until she started to feel the secret as a burden and decides to speak up the truth to her loving husband. She must admit, the sex with the boss was the best she ever had, but would she tell him all the truth behind this affair?  

Icstor – Taboo Request

Icstor - Taboo Request

Icstor – Taboo Request : This 3D Comics is about a mom-son relation that will become more than it should be. The son has a big crush on the mom and it all starts with watching her in the shower and then jerking off in his room. Will his mom gonna be ok with this behavior or..? Enjoy Icstor – Taboo Request!

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