Naama – The Order

Naama – The Order

The thrill for adventures lead Piper into the Order of Paladins. If not for the interference of the Grand Paladin herself, she would be rejected for not being quite a Paladin material. But unfortunately for Piper, before she will be trusted to hold arms in the name of Light, she will have to learn a lot as an Apprentice. Cooking for the members of the Order, washing floors, feeding and taking care of the horses and pegasi are part of daily life for all initiates. Over time Piper grows tired of her daily routine and decides to learn how to swing a sword by herself, sneaking at night to the Training Hall with nothing but her wooden sword, dusty old book and desire to prove herself. It was just one of those nights, when she yet again denied herself a night’s rest and sneaked past a sleeping guard. But this time the Hall wasn’t empty. Tonight she will meet with her future teachers who will be more than happy to give Piper a private lesson or two.

Genre: 3D Comics, Big ass, Big Boobs, Big dick, Futanari, Wet Pussy, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Anal, Cumshot, Seduction, Blonde, Threesome, Deepthroat, Facial
Size: 96 MB
Contains: 95 Pages
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