The Experiment – Chapter Two

The Experiment - Chapter Two

So where were we? Oh yes — busty, blonde bimbo, Nicole, is suffering from libido issues, so she seeks the professional help of the sexy, Dr. Valery. Our dear doctor has just the cure: a magic pill which causes Nicole to succumb to overpowering lust. In chapter 2 we discover that the pill is so powerful, it’s contagious, and the only way to defeat the desire is for both patient and doctor to “stimulate” each other.

Chapter 2 begins with Dr. Valery going down on her patient. To the doctor’s amazement, Nicole is so turned on that her clit is bulging. She therefore decides to pull out a massive double sided dildo and what ensues is a series of no less than half a dozen orgasms from Nicole. The two fuck away in missionary and then doggy-style. Feeling grateful, Nicole reverses the situation and fucks her doctor with the dildo before passing out from sheer exhaustion.

Genre: 3D Comics, Big Boobs, Lesbian, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Lesbians, Dildo, Blowjob, Wet Pussy, Doggystyle, Redhead, Blonde, Sexy Girls, Orgasm
Size: 161 MB
Contains: 195 Pages (+1 Animation)
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