Gilftoon – Vampire’s Grandson (16 pages)

Gilftoon - Vampire’s Grandson

Gilftoon – Vampire’s Grandson  The vampire queen Carmella is trying to resurect her loved son Dickula, who fought in her army. The only way she can do it is to call her grandson and to put him pass diabolic rituals in order for her son’s soul to take over her grandson’s body.

Studio Pirrate – Danger girls

Studio Pirrate - Danger girls

Studio Pirrate – Danger girls The first chapter: our adventure starts in Suiss Alps with the charming blonde meets there a man named ‘the peach’ and he wants to make the most of this encounter. The second chapter: Syd, a double agent, arrived in Burundi where she is after en ex-army turned a criminal. You will also find a bonus gallery!

Gilftoon – A Helpful Hand 2

Gilftoon - A Helpful Hand 2

Gilftoon – A Helpful Hand 2 If you already liked the first part, you will definetly love the second part! Look below to see what happens in the granny’s bedroom. If you haven’t read the first part, click here!

Gilftoon – A Helpful Hand

Gilftoon - A helpful Hand

Gilftoon – A helpful Hand Billy has a broken arm so he asks her granny to put some cream on his back. But the things are heating up… Besides, granny thinks will help more her grandson if he will sleep tonight in her bedroom.

Gilftoon – A Gilf Tale

Gilftoon – A Gilf Tale

Gilftoon – A Gilf Tale This Grandma hot AF is obliged by the circumstances to play a game named: Milking the monkey, with her grandson . Little Jake is eager to play it more and more when his grandma is starting to have second thoutghs…

Underrock – Mai the wrongdoer (80 pages)

Underrock - Mai the wrongdoer

Underrock – Mai the wrongdoer: Mai is a really crazy and unconformist girl who goes on an adventure with her girlfriend. The motto of this 2D Comic should be “go big or go home”. If you think you are brave enough, dive in the most dangerous world created. You will definetly love it!

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